What We've Done 

  • We donated kennel shades to help shade the dogs and provide wind breaks.
  • We donated a suspended heater, accousitic ceiling tiles and new guillotine doors for the dog runs.
  • We set up and Emergency Animal Care Fund. The fund will help pay for emergency care of the animals at the shelter.
  • We donated Frontline and identification microchips to the shelter.
  • We held Pet First Aid classes for the public, as well as the Douglas and Champaign County Fire Departments.
  • We made elevated beds for the dogs at the shelter to sleep on.
  • We were able to raise more than enough money to purchase a grooming tub for the Douglas County Animal Shelter. We were able to donate the grooming tub, 2 bottles of shampoo, 7 DAP diffuser refills (to help calm the dogs), 2 kinds of cat toys and 10 large and 10 small bowls that attach to the kennel doors.
  • We raised money to purchase 9 Pet Rescue kits for all the Fire Departments in Douglas County. The kits were given to each department during a Pet First Aid Class.
  • We volunteered our time to help clean and care for the animals at the shelter


Why Hands-4-Paws?

Newspaper articles and letters written in the fall of 2005 and early 2006 have brought to light current conditions of the Douglas County animal pound located in Tuscola, IL. The current pound was built in the early 1970’s for the purpose of providing a clean, safe and functional location for Douglas County impoundments pursuant to the Animal Control Act.


The pound property is owned by the City of Tuscola and leased to the county for one dollar per year and is currently used for the purpose of impounding dogs that are stray. The maintenance of this facility, including all utilities, is the responsibility of the county. While revenue is received from county registration fees, safety violation fines and impoundment fees collected for redeemed dogs, these monies are not sufficient to cover large expenses that are found when structural maintenance and general upgrades are needed.


To meet this growing need, a group of concerned individuals from Douglas County formed a not-for-profit group called “HANDS-4-PAWS” with the intention of fundraising to build a independently run Animal Shelter located in Douglas County. While this group recognizes that one of the roles of government is to protect residents from injury and illness resulting from animals, the main focus of this group is to provide protection to domesticated animals residing in Douglas County. This protection will include the provision of basic shelter services such as physical housing, food and care, as well as offering community programs promoting adoption services and educational programs on the humane treatment of animals.


To meet these goals, “HANDS-4-PAWS” needs your help. We not only need your financial support but your willingness to advocate for these services in and among your Douglas County communities. Please join us by becoming a voice as we work together to build a better future for our domesticated animals and their human companions.

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